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Artists and Managers Part 2

Some days, I find myself catching some horrid story of artists coming 5 hours late, missing their flights because of poor margins, and many snowballing consequences of being late…

And I think of one person…Wyngard Tracy:)

Wyngard Tracy was a legendary talent manager who represented Philippine entertainment’s top caliber artists and musicians.

He, at one point, managed the careers of Richard Gomez, Lucy Torres, Maricel Soriano, Wilma Doesnt, Miriam Quiambao, Wendell Ramos, John Estrada, Priscilla Meirelles, Willie Revillame, Aiko Melendez,  TJ Manotoc, Claudine Trillo, Panjee Gonzales, Pinky De Leon, Hans Montenegro, Side A, Freestyle, Barbie’s Cradle & Jaya just to name a few). Tracy was also the man behind iconic singer Basil Valdez’s illustrious 3-decade career.

I first met Wyngard as a struggling vocalist of an unknown showband in his roster of “heavyweight” talents. Everyone around him respected him, and had their “scary” stories to tell…

Stories of how Wyngard would never tolerate tardiness. The “fines” that were paid when his artists came late in venues, airports, and call-times.

It created fear in me.  Fear to never be late.

Nobody was ever late with Wyngard.

Everybody knew that he’d call exactly 30 minutes before any appointment to ask us, “Where are you now exactly?”

It’s been many years since I’ve gone my way from Wyngard’s leadership(He passed away in Nov 2010), but any sense of professionalism I’ve learned on being on time…   I owe to Wyngard Tracy:)

He was such a father. He was firm and tough, yet loving and tender.

Much good discipline is painful, yet Wyngard was strong enough to enforce it, inspite of the possibility we would resent him for being too “strict”.

He knew in the long run we’d bear good fruit if we subjected ourselves to his discipline to be on time:)

And for that, “Wyngard Tracy” has through the years, and will always have, a special place in my musical heart.


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